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Trading Years
Linear Stability

The Solution to Forex

What many claim, this bot actually does! It trades Forex the best. Please take 5 minutes of your time to look at this page and learn about ForeXolution, you will not be dissapointed.

Forex Has a Heartbeat

At it’s core, the strategy of the ForeXolution bot relies upon the “pulse” of the market. You can see it clearly by looking at the ATR indicator in the image.

Forex Is Uncertain, But...

Like every living creature, the heart of Forex always beats, simply thanks to the cycle of day and night. If you stick to the pulse of Forex, you can trade for profit forever.

So Trade Entry Is Key

Indeed, part of the stability comes from entering trades during the “release” of the Forex pulse, right after main trading sessions close excluding high rollover spreads.

Stable Trading

A standard performance run from 2006 to 2021, showcasing stability regardless of market conditions, world events and volatility.

Safe Trading

Utilizes smart take profit and stop loss for every trade as well as dynamic trade exists in order to ensure maximum profit suqeezed out of every trade.

Strong Daily & Monthly

On average each day of week and month of year are profitable meaning that profit is independent of year seasons, time offsets, holidays and world events.

Fundamental Safety Net

Every trade is length-capped at 12 hours. This makes sure that no matter what happens when the market enters the main trading sessions, you will be safe.

25 Pairs Multi-Currency Bot


Solid 60% Success Rate

And that is with a balanced 1:1 risk-reward ratio and after broker spreads and commissions are accounted for. As with any strategy sometimes it’s one step back, but then two-three steps forward.

No Trading Frenzy

A very relaxed trading approach. As per the strategy, enters one or two trades per day on average. Never trading more than one trade in the same direction on the same pair at the same time.

Easy Plug and Play

Simply attach the robot to any chart in your MetaTrader, set the lots amount you want to trade and that’s it! The robot will do all the rest – open, monitor and close trades across 25 Forex pairs.

Proper Strategy Used

No grid, no martingale and no scalping. No risky experimental methods. Good old tried and tested entry and exit points based on technical indicators and backed up with tp and sl all the way.

Trend Trade

A real trade example of seeking out a trend. A: a flat pre-trend range. B: exiting the trade at the peak of  it’s strength. C: trend loses momentum, but the trade was closed way before that and profit has been already secured.

Profit Squeeze

A real trade example of price action awareness. A: going into profit immediately after trade entry, thus negating spread. B: maximizing profit while not pushing luck on an uncertain market. C: trend reversal indeed starts, showcasing correct smart trade exit a couple of hours before.

Trade Saves

A real trade example of breaking even. A: solid profit boost shortly after trade entry before the unfavorable range. B: saving the trade while minimizing loss. C: a trend indeed starts the wrong way showing the correct call was made to close that sell when the price started going up.

Smart Trading

A real trade example of a favorable entry. A: again going into profit immediately after trade starts more than enough to negate spread. B: catching the end of a sweet downtrend, also after weeding out the false uptrend at the top. C: smart exit closes the trade after the oversold trend signal is caught as aforementioned.

Low Deposit Requirement

Tight equity control always – in an ever changing market. Your will trades never stray far into the no return, so you will be keeping your nerves and sanity. You can start from $100.


Forex, Solved.

Due to the unique combination of all of the above factors, ForeXolution, or Forex Solution, is a jaggernaut! If you want a trading bot – this is the one. Forever.

Instant Download

You pay once, turn the bot on and trade. Also, you will get all updates for the bot for free. The bot will automatically notify you whenever an update is available.

Tech Support Supported

If required, we will help you to get up and running with the bot. Should you ever have any issue, we are here to help. Just like the updates, tech support is also free.

Fair Price: One-Time $45 USD

Believe it or not, there are Forex bots that cost over $10,000 – you can buy a good car for this money! We believe we came up with a fair price. We encourage you to contact us and tell us if you do not agree.

100% Refundable

We understand how many Forex bots are out there, and even though ForeXolution is the best, we respectfully offer you a full refund within 30 days from purchase.

ForeXolution - Simply the Best MT4/MT5 Trading Bot