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Also, by using this website and/or products that may be acquired from it, you agree to do so at your own full responsibility. We, the administrators of ForexCanny.com and developers of ForeXolution, hold no accountability over your financial decisions and any results that may arise from your usage of our products. In case of a refund, you account number will be removed from the allowed accounts list to use with our bot. You agree not to use this website and it’s products in any negative or damaging way towards yourself, anybody else, the products themselves or this website. You agree not to attempt in any way to hack, decompile or abuse this website and the products offered by it. And finally, you agree to always make thought driven decisions when trading the markets – ALWAYS start with a demo account if you are unsure.

Our refund policy is a full refund upon request within 30 calendar days from original purchase date.

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